Common Inquiries About Our Hair Loss Treatments

What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP is a non-surgical hair restoration service that involves depositing organic material through the dermal layer of the skin of the scalp. The pigment is inserted in a pattern that replicates hair follicles and will blend in with the client's unique skin complexion.

Will SMP fade or change color with time?

The application method involved with SMP means that the deposited material will not smudge. Over many years, it is possible for the applied pigments to lighten. The materials used by Downey Hair Loss Solutions have one of the highest-rated life spans available.

To extend the full color of the treatment for as long as possible it is important to wear sunscreen. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds can break down the pigment if it is not properly protected.

Is receiving SMP painful?

This is a difficult question to answer, as pain tolerance varies from person to person. The process involves a constant poking of the scalp with a needle, and for some people, this is quite uncomfortable. However, most patients who receive SMP describe the sensation as more of a minor irritation than any sort of actual pain. Clients are encouraged to take frequent breaks during the procedure.

Is SMP the same as a tattoo?

No. While SMP is sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo, it is a different procedure. The only thing similar between SMP and a tattoo is that color is deposited into your skin. SMP utilizes a different technique and is completed by trained SMP professionals. The pigment is different, the equipment is state of the art, and certification is needed to properly conduct SMP.

How long are the treatment sessions?

At a minimum, it takes three sessions to complete SMP. The first session is often the longest and can last between two and five hours. During the initial session, a majority of the surface of the target area will receive pigment deposits.

Building on the foundation of the first treatment, the second session often lasts between two and four hours. At this appointment shading and definition, practices will be used to provide a more accurate and natural appearance of hair.

The third, and most often the final, session includes adjusting and enhancing the work completed during the second session. An evaluation of the work to this point will be made to ensure the client is happy with the shape and shade of the pigment. Any necessary adjustments will be made to get it perfect, which includes matching it to your natural and existing hairline.

How much time is needed between sessions?

The preferred treatment schedule is:

  1. Free consultation
  2. If the client is ready to proceed, the first session is scheduled.
  3. The second session is scheduled for about a week after the first.
  4. The third session takes place three to five weeks following the second treatment.

Any additional sessions will be similar to session three where adjustments to coloring and density will be made.

Does SMP hide scalp scars?

SMP can camouflage all forms of scalp scarring. SMP can be used to blend scars into the overall look, ensuring they are less prominent.

Will it be obvious I had SMP completed?

Unless someone looks at your head with a magnifying glass, they won't be able to tell. It's the goal of Downey Hair Loss Solutions to ensure you receive a natural, wonderful, realistic look.

Does scalp micropigmentation work with all hair colors?

Outstanding results can be achieved using SMP on all-natural hair colors, including blonde, brown, red, and black We can create custom pigment blends to match your natural hair color.

Are results immediate?

Following the first session, you will be able to see the magic of SMP. However. some redness may be apparent for a couple of days. As the sessions continue, the natural and beautiful appearance of hair will become more and more apparent. An aftercare guide will be provided to ensure you get the most from your treatment.

How long will my scalp micropigmentation last?

When well taken care of SMP can last your entire life. It does take special care and touch-up sessions for many people to maintain the dark pigment color. On average, people receive minor touch-ups every three to six years to ensure the look does not fade.

After treatment, how often should I shave my head, if I want a clean buzz cut look?

To maintain a buzz cut appearance, we suggest shaving every two or three days for an optimal look. If your hair grows too long it can disrupt the seamless appearance of SMP. Additional information can be provided on a case-by-case basis.

If my hair loss is continuous, can I still get SMP now?

Yes! We provide treatments that add density to the scalp as hair loss takes place. We will be with you every step of the way.

Can SMP be reversed?

Using an electro-optic Q switch laser, the pigmentation can be removed from the scalp. It is reported that the pain caused by the laser procedure is less intense than tattoo removal. However, reports show that less than one percent of people who receive SMP elect to have it reversed.

Can you tell me about SMP touch-up sessions?

Every three to six years people elect to have touch-ups due to the natural fading of the pigment caused by the sun and other environmental factors. Touch-up sessions will restore the natural dark look you had following your final session. In most cases, a touch-up session takes one hour to two hours.

Can I have the procedure for the clean look, even if I haven't lost a lot of hair?

A unique look fitted to your existing hair can be created to give you the appearance you crave. During the initial consultation, we can provide more information about how to maintain the look you want when combined with your natural hair.

Is there an aftercare procedure?

There are a few important steps to take following the treatments. In general, you should not get your head wet, touch it excessively or sweat from physical activity for between four and five days after treatment.

Any other questions regarding treatment, costs, payment plans and otherwise can be happily answered by calling Downey Hair Loss Solutions at (562) 445-3882. As a certified provider of SMP hair loss treatment in Downey, LA, and the neighboring California communities, you can count on us for an outstanding experience that will provide you with a lifetime of feeling great.