Hairline Restoration

Hairline Restoration

Hair loss is an unfortunate part of many lives, but it no longer has to be a part of yours. At Downey Hair Loss Solutions, we turn back the clock and return what you’ve lost with our groundbreaking hairline restoration services. Conveniently located near Los Angeles, CA, our expertly trained team will work with you on a hairline restoration you can proudly show off.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation treatment involves tiny needles to apply color to the skin of the head to create the appearance of a freshly buzzed head, or adds thickness to any hair still present. For the sake of speed, common practice involves a needle with a larger point, and prescribed patterns to add pigmentation to the skin. Unfortunately, that practice can lead to an unnatural look.

At Downy Hair Loss Solutions, we employ a more natural approach instead. Our process begins by inspecting the scalp and locating the defective follicles. Then — with a needle the size of a thread of hair — we embed the ink within the skin at the same sight as the follicle, in order to follow the scalp’s natural pattern, effectively giving the appearance of a full head of hair.

Hairline Restoration Services

We know that every client has their own unique head of hair, so a prescribed algorithm will not accommodate everyone. Not only do we utilize our effective methods of restoration to restore your natural hairline, but we also take careful consideration into the natural contours of your face to make sure your hair looks as great as possible.

The hairline is one of the first things others may notice when you walk into a room, so allow us to assist you in making amazing first impressions. Send us a message or sign up for your free consultation on our contact page today!