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Close-up photo of a man receiving a scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Navigating Hair Loss: How to Fix Bald Spots in Hair

Bald spots are a common concern for folks dealing with female hair thinning, male pattern baldness, and medical conditions that cause hair loss. Thankfully, multiple solutions make it possible to fix bald spots, either temporarily or permanently. You may not be able to fill your hair gaps naturally. However, you can fix a bald spot on your head in several different ways.

The Pros and Cons of Popular Bald Spot Fixes

Bald spots are not reversible in the traditional sense. Several bald spot fixes do allow you to add hair to your bald spots or mask their appearance, though.

Hair Pieces

Extensions, hair toppers, and wigs are a fast and temporary way to hide bald spots or thinning hair. This method is not permanent and can be expensive and hard to get right.

Hair Transplants

A surgeon performs this invasive procedure while you’re under local anesthesia. Options include a split graft, transplanting 4-10 hairs per graft, or a micrograft, which transplants 1-2 hairs.


Steroids and platelet-rich plasma may induce hair growth, and this treatment is safe and effective. Researchers are calling for more studies on this topic.

Light Stimulation

A low laser may be able to safely stimulate new hair growth in a bald area but again, results thus far are mixed.


Prescription medications for hair loss are an option for some. These are generally quite strong and should be a method of last resort, because of possible side effects.

Topical Solutions

The most popular topical medication for bald spots is Rogaine. This treatment is available both over the counter and by prescription. Steroids are another option. If you choose one of these bald spot fixes, you’ll have to continue applying the treatment forever.

Tips for Dealing with Bald Spots Permanently

One permanent solution for fixing bald spots is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This is the process of depositing pigment onto the skin in the form of dots. These dots look like individual hair follicles as they first grow through the skin. When seen together, these dots mimic the look of a full head of hair in the form of a permanent buzz cut.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Los Angeles, CA

Downey Hair Loss Solutions can fix your bald spots for you with scalp micropigmentation. This non-surgical hair loss treatment helps people renew their image and confidence.

From our team’s roots in the medical industry, we understand the importance of a sterile and advanced environment. We use the highest quality machinery specifically for SMP, as well as the finest quality organic pigment. This pigment is free of chemicals and is specifically for SMP.

We care deeply about giving you the look of a full head of hair with expert SMP. We stand by our work and guarantee you will be happy with the quality of service we provide.

Learn More About Scalp Micropigmentation Today!