Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Staff of Scalp Micropigmentation Experts

Meet Larry

Larry is world class master practitioner of scalp micropigmentation. He is one of the pioneers of scalp micropigmentation in Southern California. Clients have sought his services from all ends of the earth. His reputation precedes him. With his years of experience in scalp micropigmentation and in the healthcare industry we can assure you that you're in good hands. 


The highly talented Kirsten proudly showcases her skills as she helps address our client's needs while undergoing the scalp micropigmentation process. 


The multi-talented Brittany offers her understanding and knowledge of scalp micropigmentation to those in need learning. 

We care

We really care about giving the look of a full head of hair using scalp micropigmentation. So much so that we stand behind our work and guarantee you will he happy with the work we quality of service we provide at Downey Hair Loss Solutions Scalp Micropigmentation.